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Our Cats

Updated on: Thursday 12 August 2006

Adah - From the land of the gray and pink. Adah is nearly all grey with a few small cream-tan patches which look faded pink against the gray. She was last of a litter that was killed one-by-one by the family dog and nearly died herself. The doctor restored the nerve damage and her head is nearly on straight. The little tilt that it has is so endearing. She is very affectionate. She gets special treatment as she needed constant care when she was new and sleeps with my wife and so with me. thumbs/Adah2.jpg
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Bullet - This cat is not going to have a name because we are not going to keep him past the weekend. This "not going to keep him" is going about a year now and is probably a permanent condition. He has the softest fur. He goes everywhere in a hurry. thumbs/Bullet.jpg
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Adah and Bullet on the front steps. thumbs/adah_bullet.jpg
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Harry - Harry's mother never was able to get back to get him at the street drain because of the thunderstorm. The policeman took him to the vet. Harry tried a couple of homes but none really worked out until he came to live with us. He is still afraid of thunderstorms and hides under the bed until they are over. thumbs/HarryHigh.jpg
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Hillard - Hillard arrived about the same time as Harry but Hillard was to belong to the neighbor. Things did not work out there for Hillard and he came back to our house. For two years, when Hillard was out, Harry was in. When Harry was out, Hillard had to come in. Hillard is much more cooperative than Harry. And Harry would try to stay out late or even all night. And Hillard would want to be out. Finally after two years of the charade, I just let Hillard out and told him that he could have all of Harry that he could eat. Harry and Hillard seem to have come to a truce of some sort. Hillard still seems to get in an occasional fight but I do not think that it is with Harry. thumbs/Hillard.jpg
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Lorenzo - Lorenzo showed up on the deck with a sibling one morning. He was barely weaned. But he had fleas and worms. His sister ran for it. Lorenzo got captured. He is missing a bone and 3 of 4 claws from his right paw. But he is clearly right-pawed and does all of his hunting/striking from the right. He catches a bird or mole fairly often. thumbs/Lorenzo.jpg
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Tabby - Tabby is our best eater and our most senior cat. We got her as a kitten and companion for the late Mr. X. thumbs/Tabby.jpg
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