Past Cats

Mr. X

Mr. X is our first South Carolina Cat.  He gets a page of his own.


Fluffy was Mr. X’s son.  Attacked by a dog and badly mauled he temporarily lost his sight.  He recovered and became a good hunter and a sweet cat.  Because of his injuries, he began to get seizures at about 4 years of age.  While he initially responded to medication, they increased in severity to the point that he was injuring himself and us and had to be put to sleep.


Motley was the mother of Fluffy.  A very young cat, she walked into the yard before Mr. X had been neutered.  She had a litter of 4 kittens.  Three found homes elsewhere.  We kept Fluffy.

Black Mark and Bob

Black Mark – Mark was part of a duo that showed up about the same time. Both cats were short (no) tailed un-neutered males. Just what we need with 4 neutered males already. The other cat was white and I called him Bob for is short tail and white color (Bobwhite). Mark was in the garage and marked everything that he could see and was mostly black and hence his name. Bob has disappeared just as he was beginning to get used to us. Mark has hurt his paw and has been limping badly for 2 weeks. But he resists capture and so has not been in for treatment. He eats and seems groomed and gets a little more friendly as time goes by.

Blacky Big Head

Blacky Big Head – lasted about 2 years. Feral, black long tail. Injury resulted in loss of one eye. Eventually displaced by Not RumTum.

Rum Tum

Nice young tuxedo cat. Went to a good home. New name Romeo.

Not Rum Tum

Not Rum Tum – So-called because he is a tuxedo cat similar to Rum Tum. Have not seen him recently.


Elvis – Elvis was an 18 year-old barn cat. He came to us when he was about 15 already deaf and blind.

Elvis died in his sleep 16 July, 2011.

Elvis.JPGElvis.jpg(62 KB)

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