I had begun in September getting ready to re-seed. I aerate with a had tool as the yard is too small , too hilly, and too broken up to support a garden tractor. That takes about 3 weekend days.

Then comes the reseeding. I cut the grass short, disturb the soil with a hard rake, put down starter fertilizer (20-27-5), put down seed, and walk on it to get it into the soil.  I have been watering it twice a day to keep it moist.  And for the first time in years, it has not dried out.  However, it has not yet sprouted after 6 days.  Maybe it is too cool and it will take longer.  Or sometimes, real rain produces results.  I have had that happen several times, after watering with treated water for days, a light rain will produce sprouting the very next day.  This is the part of yardwork that I do not like,  the waiting.