The Greatest

The POTUS, while he was campaigning, promised to “make America great again”. I submit that it was never not great.
The Mexican Foreign Minister said that “net immigration [from Mexico to the USA] is zero. This is probably true. Mexico has more jobs, less drug violence, and many other improvements over 20 years ago. And probably a few Mexican-born US residents reaching retirement age and heading for home. Those that are coming to the USA are coming because the USA is a great country. Frankly, 99 and 44/100 percent of the people that pay the “coyotes”, dodge the ICE-man, and run the risks of crossing the border without the proper credentials do not come to rape, rob, and pillage. They come because there are opportunities here. There is work that they can do. And they come to do the work.
Nobody “takes” jobs away. They are given up. You and I gave them up when we started buying “made in Japan” and later “made in CHINA”. We wanted a better price and the importers were able to sell at a better price than the local manufacturers. Why were they able to sell at a better price? The same things that make this country great: social security, minimum wage laws, union job protection. These things are expensive. Choose wisely when you purchase and when you vote.


Forward.  Ennui! You voted. Or perhaps did not.
Here we are just about the same
Foggy little fella, drowsy little dame
Two sleepy people by dawn’s early light
And so much in love, so much in love
Too much in love to say good night.

Mind Vacation

Back from a short mental break. I was thinking about my younger brother. He referenced Mose Allison. Hopefully, I am not suffering from the overworked mouth. Long ago and far away, I took a beautiful young lady to a movie. I loved the cinematography, light, and music. Probably I missed the interpersonal dynamics. I do remember that emerging into the light after the movie, it was similar to the summer light in Sweden. And how lovely she was. A pursuit. She chose another. Later, she took her own life.

Exciting Archeology

Remembering an important teacher, I “googled” for his name and this popped up. This could be memories for me except that these pictures are of men 20 years before I met them. Drs. Alexander, Payne, Werthheimer, Mr. Bowen, Mr. Buse, esq. are ones I can say changed my life in various ways.


An article in the Economist  caught my eye. The article/commentary concerned the organizing principles of the Occupy Wall Street movement and especially as it relates to the American style of Democracy. Well into the article was this

Moreover, direct deliberative democracy by its very nature puts effective power disproportionately in the hands of extroverted, energetic, and charismatic individuals with a knack for persuasion. The opinions of introverts and those of us who need a good deal of time to mull things over tend not to be fully included into the decision-making process. So these people (most of us, I think) must go along, their views systematically underrepresented until the rule of the pushy yammerers becomes too intolerable and they leave. Exit is more powerful than voice if voice is not your strong suit.

Looking at the first sentence, I would say that it is also true of monarchies, dictatorships, boardrooms, executive suites, unions, Congress, sales and marketing and just about every other human endeavor.

Looking at the last sentence, exit is much easier for the young as the elders have a great deal of inertia/momentum depending on your reference frame.

A usual, the contemplative are stuck in the middle.

Honduras II

The Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continues to treat the ouster of the strongman Manuel Zelaya for violation of the laws of Honduras as a coup.  The courts and congress of Honduras support the ouster.  Hugo Chavez and Hillary Clinton, along with the Obama administration support the ousted strongman.  Of course the Clintons are lawyers and know how to twist the law to suit needs of the moment.  The USA’s meddling in the affairs of other countries has always been annoying to the small countries of the world.  Maybe just this once, we could do the right thing and  let Honduran law rule Honduras.  We could support the President Michelleti until elections are held and his term ends in January of next year.

Trade War

The Steelworkers have persuaded the government to impose a tariff on tires imported from China.  This seems to have sparked a trade war that will result in reduced Chinese  sales for American companies and higher prices for American consumers.

If the unions wanted to do something useful for their members, they would lobby the government to insure that overseas workers had the right to organize and strike as American workers do.

The unions would then organize and lead the overseas workers to bargain for the pay and benefits that American workers have fought for and won.  But the current crop of union leaders are to busy scamming the American workers and the American public to truly benefit anyone but themselves..

Congress Airlines

After beating up the auto executives for flying to Washington in their company’s jets, Congress has quietly added a cool $200,000,000 to the appropriations bill to get a 3 luxury jets more than the Air Force had requested. Our Air Force provides the aircraft to fly the President and Congress. We taxpayers of course fund it. At least with the auto execs, the stockholders (owners of the company) are the ones that pay. The jets are used by military and government travelers but apparently the problem is when the holidays come, some members of Congress can not get a seat.