Adjectives and actions

“Stupid” is the right word, even as used by the President to describe the Cambridge incident.  The President is also correct in saying he should have been more calibrated.  Perhaps the accurate calibration would have  avoided public comment.  There is way too much heat in this issue and plenty of stupid all around.

Sgt. Crowley should get some additional training defusing tense situations.

Sgt. Crowley’s Captain should make sure that he (and others on his team) get that training.

Cambridge City Council should make sure that the the appropriate funding and budget are available.

Mr. Gates should get some rest after a long trip.  He should also  work on being patient with those who have difficult jobs.

Hopefully Mr. President, Mr. Gates, and Sgt. Crowley will be able to enjoy a beer in the White House and have a great time at taxpayer expense. (President’s discretionary budget).

Full disclosure: I am related to some Crowley’s and no Gates or Presidents that I know of.

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