Icemaker III

Icemaker quit. Icemaker broken. Icemaker does not work again. Icemaker motor stalls. This time the fix is simple. Warm up the ice until it dumps one more time. Back off the cube size (on my icemaker, 1/4 turn CCW). Test.

Perhaps more involved for this fix as the freezer was full. I have sometimes been able to get the ice to come out by pouring hot water to melt the previous cycle or using a hair-dryer to warm it up enough that it comes out. This time I removed the bottom screw that attaches the unit to the freezer wall and loosened the two top hanger screws. Unplugged the connector (squeeze the tabs and work loose), removed the icemaker unit until is was thawed. Made the adjustment (1/4 turn CCW) and replaced. Works good.

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