Mine Safety

While there were no U.S. mine fatalities in 2009, this year’s toll is already too large. The various states agencies and the federal government provide inspections and enforcement of regulations. But death and injury still continue to occur in mines. May I suggest a regulation that requires the CEO of the mining company to personally inspect each mine at least once per quarter and the next tier of management at least once per month. By inspection, I am not talking about a photo-op, above-ground visit. What I had in mind was a trip to the mine face, up-close and personal. It is possible that this would bring additional focus on the safety and conditions in the mine.

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  1. There was a TV show which premiered on Super Bowl Sunday called “Undercover Boss”. I never watched it but I believe what you’re looking for is a mandatory version.

    I’m thinking it should be put in every CEO contract. Coal mines, Huddle House, you name it. Wouldn’t hurt a thing. Might actually do some good. But then again…probably not.

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