Model: Optimist Pram

Optimist Pram model on model sawhorses.  Centerboard, rudder, and sail are in profile in this side view.
Side view of completed model of Optimist Pram.
I recently completed a model of an Optimist Pram in 1 inch=1 foot scale. It seems that as with many projects, the preparation takes longer than the project. I found plans. First I used the lumber inventory to rummage through my pre-cut wood. Not all of the required pieces were available so I cut the rest by hand. Next, the building frame.A view of the building frame with the transom, center bulkhead, and forward transom in place and connected at the edges by the chines and in the center by the 'keel' and bottom reinforcement pieces. Setting up the actual boat frames was complicated. If you were doing it full size, you could use a tape measure and level or plumb-bob. As it was getting the measurements set up in the middle-of-thin-air took some clever clamp-measure-move-reclamp action to get it just right over several days as I had to wait for the glue to dry to do the next frame. I think that the center bulkhead is 1/16″ off-square which would be 1/2″ in full size.
Once the frames were set up, the corners were notched and the chines and keels were set in. A little sanding to shape.
The side glued and clamped to the chine and rail on the building frame.  The clamps are small clothes pins.
The side glued and clamped to the chine and rail.
Next the sides were put on as rectangles then trimmed with a coping saw and sanded with 60-grit to fit. and finally the bottom.
The rudder and centerboard were next along with the mast, boom, and sprit. Finish is varnish.
The sail was laid out with a program named Sailcut. It neatly lays out panels perpendicular to the leech givin a very realistic appearance to the modeled sail. The “eyelets” are dots of gold sparkle-pen ink.
This view from slight to the rear and right side shoes the interior of the boat.  The actual boat is 7 and 1/2 feet long.  The model is about 7 1/2 inches long and 4 inches wide.  The front is square, not pointed which is the pram shape.  The hull is slightly narrower in the front, bows out amidship and tapers slightly to the transom.
A view from slightly above with scale.

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