New Old LP's

My wife went to a Thrift Shop in Minnesota and sent home a pile of LP’s. They have been sitting waiting to be played, filed or discarded for a couple of months.  On a slow news day, I took the first one off the pile and played it.  Ray Confiff Memories Are Made of This.  S’ Typical.  A Scandinavian looking woman on the cover wearing a pastel purple bulky sweater, studying some small artifact.  A bunch of guys that sound like trombones.  A bunch of gals that sound like trumpets.  And Billy Butterfield who actually plays the trumpet on Love Letters in the Sand. Doc Severinson plays trumpet on Three Coins in the Fountain.

Next, completely off the radar, The Dell Trio – Cocktail Time – Harmony (a product of Columbia Records). An apparent re-release of a 1949 album.  Cornball?  If there is a single recording that defines cornball, this is it.  Lawrence Welk, move over.  A sweet (in the diabetic sense) combination of accordion, Hammond, and jazz guitar.  Percussion free.  Who needs drums when you have an accordion?  A quick Google shows that this album may still be popular with some and that someone thinks it might, just maybe, if it don’t take up space in his inventory too much longer, be worth $10.  Mighty clean copy, missing a sleeve.  I didn’t know they ever made records like that.  Whoa!

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