An article in the Economist  caught my eye. The article/commentary concerned the organizing principles of the Occupy Wall Street movement and especially as it relates to the American style of Democracy. Well into the article was this

Moreover, direct deliberative democracy by its very nature puts effective power disproportionately in the hands of extroverted, energetic, and charismatic individuals with a knack for persuasion. The opinions of introverts and those of us who need a good deal of time to mull things over tend not to be fully included into the decision-making process. So these people (most of us, I think) must go along, their views systematically underrepresented until the rule of the pushy yammerers becomes too intolerable and they leave. Exit is more powerful than voice if voice is not your strong suit.

Looking at the first sentence, I would say that it is also true of monarchies, dictatorships, boardrooms, executive suites, unions, Congress, sales and marketing and just about every other human endeavor.

Looking at the last sentence, exit is much easier for the young as the elders have a great deal of inertia/momentum depending on your reference frame.

A usual, the contemplative are stuck in the middle.

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