Sailboats – Then and Now

Long ago and far away, I was lucky enough to go to a boy’s camp near Charlevoix, Michigan. Camp Charlevoix. At Camp Charlevoix, I was lucky to sail what is still one of my favorite sailboats. The Snipe class. The boats that I sailed had no sail numbers I remember. Web surfing I find Snipe 2457, an early number. The picture is full color. My birthday card arrived from aunt. Snipe 2740 with my Uncle Leonard sailing and my mother crew. My understanding is that Uncle Leonard built the boat while in high school in consultation with Clark Mills who was already building similar boats in Clearwater, Florida. I checked the model on the mantel, Snipe 4270. A longer story, maybe not for here. If you can only have one boat, it should be a Snipe.

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