Sarah Palin Comeback?

Friday’s Wall Street Journal has an op-ed editorial wondering if Sarah Palin is ready for a comeback.  Hey guys, to make a comeback, you have to have been somewhere.  Sarah Palin is nowhere, nohow.  Possible Commander-in-Chief? Not. Should I count the ways? Abuse of power. Deriliction of duty. Desertion. Sarah Palin is one way that the Republicans could lose in 2012 after the taxpayers get the bill for the current session of Congress.  They could run one of my cats and win.  But not if they run a quitter.

One Reply to “Sarah Palin Comeback?”

  1. No question about her smarts or her savvy. But she will lead you to the cliff, tell you that she will belay your safety line…then take a phone call from far away and leave you hanging. If you are lucky. Otherwise, enjoy being a dead pancake. I would think twice about going on a two hour flat hike with Sarah Palin. I would not climb with Sarah Palin. And whatever party runs her for President, I will vote for the best qualified opposition.

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