I usually let the music “On the Player” speak for itself. I comment on “Schlagers” because of the fabulous talent that Warner Bros was able to bring together. Joni Mitchell, Mike Post, Frank Sinatra, Miriam Makeba, Vince Guaraldi (not playing Peanuts or Cast Your Fate to the Wind). I put this on because I asked my wife “Suggest some music that we don’t play much”. “What about those collections that I used to get”. Yes, Schlagers is a Promotional Album. Not to be sold. Basically for the cost of shipping, you got half-a-party of music for $3 (barely covered shipping).  From back when Warner Bros  had something worth promoting.  And they promoted the dickens out of it.  Promotion is euphemism for sharing.  For free.  Thank you Ms. Elaine Geller for many happy hours.  I presume that Ms. Geller ran the fulfillment office.  I hope that she is happily and richly retired.  And that she has sold her stock in that loser Warner Bros and the other scum companies that are members  of what the RIAA has become.

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