Flight Simulator Excitement

As I was goofing off today on vacation, I twittered that I was going flying on flight simulator. I later got an email that someone was following me. I checked and he was a flight sim enthusiast and he had links to 10 scariest airports. I took some notes and tried the first one on the list. Paro Bhutan runway 33. Here are some thoughts on the numerous attempts (more than a cat has lives).

There must be some way out of here. Said the Joker to the Thief…

The Paro airport in Bhutan is in a bowl in the mountains. The surface is over 7000 feet. How do you fly out of here in a Cessna 172 (or anything else for that matter).

I put the Paro airport in and took the defaults. Runway 33 faces a cliff way too high to get over. Forget treetops, this is solid rock. Let’s get real. You would not be headed in this direction without serious headwind. Adjust weather. Crank in an appropriate headwind. What would make you choose 33 vs 15. Do you need all that fuel? Lighten up. Leave those souvenirs behind and also that passenger. Know the Pilot’s Manual. Best angle of climb is key here. Review the route. The best mountain route is not always shortest.

Hints: The route to the north is a dead end. But you will always feel like you can make it. Wrong!
A well executed tight 180 to the left might work. Give it a try.
This will take you out to the SE which is probably the way you came in.

There’s too much confusion, I can’t get no relief.
Gotta beware gotta beware…

Credit to Bob Dylan and Jimmy Hendrix for the music playing in my head.

Ig Nobel awards

I was alerted by a  Groklaw to an MSNBC article on the Ig Nobel awards. I really appreciate the folks who do these as it really is an award that truely extends the bounds of human knowledge.

The award for Medicine made me think that it would be interesting to do a 4-way double-blind study with a non-generic drug, its generic equivalent, and the non-generic in a different form.  The purpose of the study is to evaluate the effect of marketing and price.  High and low price the real thing and the imitaion.  What if it turns out that price improves the performace of the drug, regardless of composition.  Would this make the ethical drug companies more ethical if they raised prices?

Virus and not so lucky

I apologize to anyone who got a virus from this site. I normally never use Windows at home as it is unsafe to use except in a corporate environment where you have experts and firewalls and such. Never buy a computer for your home that includes Windows. As such I got the virus from my own web site, this one. The problem has been corrected. My webmaster son noted that there was a vulnerability on Feb 3 and had it on his list of things to upgrade. Too late. Again I apologize.