The Greatest

The POTUS, while he was campaigning, promised to “make America great again”. I submit that it was never not great.
The Mexican Foreign Minister said that “net immigration [from Mexico to the USA] is zero. This is probably true. Mexico has more jobs, less drug violence, and many other improvements over 20 years ago. And probably a few Mexican-born US residents reaching retirement age and heading for home. Those that are coming to the USA are coming because the USA is a great country. Frankly, 99 and 44/100 percent of the people that pay the “coyotes”, dodge the ICE-man, and run the risks of crossing the border without the proper credentials do not come to rape, rob, and pillage. They come because there are opportunities here. There is work that they can do. And they come to do the work.
Nobody “takes” jobs away. They are given up. You and I gave them up when we started buying “made in Japan” and later “made in CHINA”. We wanted a better price and the importers were able to sell at a better price than the local manufacturers. Why were they able to sell at a better price? The same things that make this country great: social security, minimum wage laws, union job protection. These things are expensive. Choose wisely when you purchase and when you vote.