Toy Airplane Repair

Repaired airplane wheel
Repaired toy airplane wheel.
My niece, her husband, and 3 boys were here. My wife got out the Playmobil and Lego’s for them. In putting them away, she noticed that the wheel has been off one of the Playmobil airplanes since our kids played with them. “Can you glue this back on?”.
A wad of Seal-All or Goop would have held it on, or perhaps a wad of epoxy. But is one those small areas with high shear and high bend potential where glue has real difficulty.
Instead, I decided to drill a dowel to make a bushing, drill the landing gear strut to hold a screw and assemble the wheel, bushing, self-tapping screw and washer. I filed the point of the screw where it came through.

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