Who pays? You pay.

Once upon a time I went to a Halloween costume party.  There I met a man dressed as a gangster with a woman in a rabbit (as distinct from a bunny) costume.  Nice couple.  He was an IRS auditor and we talked a bit about IRS and that kind of thing.

The take away from that conversation was “if you are non-compliant, never brag about”.  The vast majority of people investigated are under suspicion because a neighbor called them on it.

Back when the Presidential race was on and Wanna-be King Obama squared off against RichBoy Romney.  A controversy was that Mr. Romney would not make some of his older returns public.  Hey folks, put your mouth where your money is (Washington). They could have called him a tax cheat and gotten him audited.

The fact of the matter is that most wealthy folk can afford to hire very good accountants and very good lawyers to advise them.  Why do they need good lawyers and accountants.  *BAD TAX LAW*

Who makes *BAD TAX LAW*? It starts with the House and is amplified by the Senate. Why should YOU have to pay someone to do your taxes? Any tax that complicated cannot be fair. Period.

The Republicans say they want to reform the tax system. So do the Democrats. Republican voters mostly want lower taxes and smaller government. Democrats seem to want larger government and the higher taxes required to pay for it, as long as it is perceived that someone else is paying.

My prediction is that even with sequester and all of that nonsense, taxes will go up and you will pay more, regardless of you income.

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  1. By design. There’s a reason we allowed the Fed and IRS to both come about at the same time. They fit together hand in glove to sell the citizens of the US into debt slavery that we’ll never come out of…. unless we do something about it.

    Like nullify it, maybe?


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