Yo! Prez

President Obama, no disrespect intended: The article title is merely  a wake-up.  Your buddy Nancy has had you again.  Did you notice that the lead-off on NPR this morning was that there are still folks in Haiti who have no roofs over their heads (several million).  And our government’s best kept secret is the the number of construction  jobs is still not where it ought to be.  Seems to me a little per-diem, a steady paycheck, and the skills at building hurricane and earthquake proof housing of USA construction workers could go a long way at bootstrapping the Haitian restoration. If we had any leadership.  If we had Representatives who were looking out for the workers of the USA, Nancy Pelosi.  If we had Senators who were not sleeping, Harry Reid.  Hillary Clinton, here is your chance to out-do Chavez. We voted for you.  You have let us down.  Big time. Again.

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