Attention Air Travelers!

I do not know about you but twice a year I go to the dentist office for a cleaning. ONCE per year they take an x-ray. The sign on the wall says “If your are pregnant or think you might be…”. I am a guy so the chances are extremely unlikely but I take it to mean that even that small amount of x-ray energy necessary to penetrate my teeth and expose a sensitive film (now an electronic detector) may cause harm to a fetus, even if I were wearing a lead apron. I suspect that the TSA will not provide a lead apron to any individual.
Oh, did I mention that instead of x-rays, you my be subjected to microwave energy. While you may have a microwave oven in your kitchen, it was specifically designed so that if any leakage could expose you to microwave energy, it would fail to operate. In the late ’60’s, an article in Popular Science claimed that allowable microwave dosages in the USA were 100 times those allowed the USSR. I admit: I have not followed up on the current regulations or research.
Or you can take the physical search.
You choose.

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