Chicago, Chicago, that toddlin’ town…

When 2 years of campaigning concluded with Sen. Obama’s election, I wondered when the corruption in Illinois would re-emerge in the headlines.  Now we know.  What continues to surprise me is that the only “scandel” I can recall connected with Sen. Obama was some piece of real-estate he may have gotten a sweet deal on.  I will not be surprised if there is more to come.  If Sen. Obama is actually as squeeky-clean as he appears at this time that will be a good thing.  What we do not need is a Spiro Agnew type episode.  And perhaps the press was not snoozing on watch during the entire Presidential Campaign.

On State Street, that great street, I just want to say
They do things they don't do on Broadway

And hopefully not what they appear to have been doing in Springfield.

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