Microsoft Software

I spent a perfectly frustrating day trying produce results with Microsoft software. I normally use Excel and although it is not as good as it was around V4 or V5 and does support more rows than it did back then it cannot hold a really large number of rows (more than 65000). So I thought I could put my data into an Access database…silly me. If I thought that Microsoft Excel was clueless about dates and more importantly times, I had not reckoned with Access. Access, what a piece of junk. I spent all afternoon trying to get the mainframe to format the data in a way that Access would read it in without success. I even got it to recognize that the dates were dates and the times were times but when it read it in, #NUM error. And of course there is no log, no message, no nothing. Junk. And absolutely no help to resolve the problem. Another reason to not use Microsoft products. If they were available without charge, they would be overpriced.

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