Creaky Platform

Given that the President proposes and the Congress disposes…

Proposed Presidential Platform Planks

Department of Homeland Security – rename and re-purpose

Change the name – Wet Blanket comes to mind
Department of State Security is already used (SS is right out)
Perhaps a popular contest with a big prize would yield something that works for the public and has less of a National Socialist flavor.

FBI – ok

No airport personnel (or train or bus stations for that matter)
New purpose – communicate important information/training/skills to local enforcement and transportation providers.
Airlines/Train lines/Bus lines are responsible for safe passage (or not).


Everybody works. Show me a selfie of you fixing a broken window, picking up trash, helping a neighbor, calling voters/protesters, doing what you can, etc. Here’s your check. Each day, each week. Paid monthly.


No more corporate taxes. Companies pay fees for services required/provided. Individuals pay taxes. Companies collect taxes and pass them through to the government.
Simplify taxes. One rate. One basis
If you receive it, it is income
Example – You are a CEO – your company decides that for the company’s protection you will fly in the corporate jet wherever you go.
The difference in cost between “regular airfare” and cost-of-corporate-jet is part of your income. You pay taxes on it. Or you can hire the pilot and pay his salary and deduct his/her W2 from yours (see below). (Don’t forget the SS etc.) But not the cost of the airplane.
Your company provides you with a car – cost is income to you regardless unless you can prove you NEVER use for any personal activity. Period.
Your company provides you with a meal as a convenience to them – cost is income to you. Period.
If you pay it to someone else as wage or a contribution to an approved organization you can deduct it.
Make sure you do a W2 on the former and document the latter.
Other than income and outgo, taxes are much simpler.
Other than the above, there are no deductions. You get it – income. You pay some body else – expense.

Individual businesses, partnerships, etc
Careful separation of personal ownership, asset distribution, gain/loss on purchase/sale will be required.

Your home is an investment. Gain or loss – yes, pay or deduct.
Your investments – Gain or loss – pay taxes when realized or when recognized or as accrued. Your choice. Annual documentation required.

Minimum wage

A company/organization/individual offers and pays any wage any time, subject to change with 6 pay periods notice.
If a company or individual has provided employment, premiums to an unemployment insurance fund are due.


Any benefit paid to any employee is due to all employees, proportional to full-time hours however that is defined for the company.
This must be the “store open” hours or “available hours” if the employee is subject to flexible scheduling within some range even if the employee is not on the clock and actually being paid for work.

Health care

Folks who decline required vaccinations for their children decline compensation for all related health problems for themselves and their children. Children who elect to reverse (stand in front of a judge) their parents decision will be compensated going forward from the moment of rescission. For parents, the decision is irrevocable.

Foreign workers

Companies utilizing foreign technical workers must show that they have
1) Created and cannot fill a training program for U.S. candidates.
2) Ensure that each foreign worker, in addition to whatever technical work they do, mentor a replacement U.S. worker.
3) “Need them now” is not an excuse. Company poor planning should not come at taxpayer or workforce expense.

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