Tax Scam Alert

Someplace on your tax form, there is a check box allowing you to designate $3 to the Presidential campaign fund. Several government untruths here.
1. They are not “your” taxes. Taxes, by definition and numerous legal decisions, are already the governments.
2. Since they are not yours, they are also “mine” and “everybody else’s”.
3. The checkbox accompanying explanatory text says that it does not increase your taxes. This is strictly NOT true. It increases your taxes by $3/(divided-by)all-of-the-rest-of-the-taxes-wasted-by-the-overpaid-Senators-and-congressfolk. Admittedly a small number. But because you checked the box, I paid the same amount.

3. These funds will go to Presidential candidates. Yes, sort of.
Let me explain, wait a moment?

Can anyone explain why the stats at the FEC only are up to date as of 2013?

Where is YOUR money (if you were stupid enough to check the box). More important, where is MY money.

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