Sphere of Falling

Sphere of Falling - a man hanging on to the top of a globe Many years ago, my late mother gave me a birthday present Sphere of Falling.  Over the years I have never failed to smile whenever I see it.  Sphere of Falling is a hollow clay sphere.  It must have been very difficult to make. It is very round.  The small base of the sphere is flat and it stays in balance on its own if left undisturbed.  But if bumped, it will roll.  At some point I got concerned and made a base for Sphere of Falling.  There is a post in the middle of the base that keeps the sphere from tipping or rolling.

A few weeks ago, one of Mr. Sphere of Fallings feet got bumped and broke off.  A spot of glue put him right and he is again back where he lives

Sphere of Falling was created by Meg Scott.  Now she teaches Laughter Yoga .

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