The finished sukiyaki on a china plate
The finished product.
Quite a few years ago, my late mother got a Sunbeam Electric Frying Pan. For some reason, I was at home from school (snowday? holiday?) and watching the “Today” show. A lady who may have been Estelle Parsons or perhaps Lee Meriweather presented a recipe for Sukiyaki. I saw a chance for my mother to use her new fry pan. I took notes. I noted especially that the the last ingredient was fresh spinach. “Mom can you make this”? She did. This is what I remember from the recipe. You can compare.
Carrots, red-bell pepper, celery on a wooden cutting board
Some of the ingredients

This is the recipe I recall, demo’ed by the Today show hostess. Set the fry pan to medium, a bit of vegetable oil, brown thin-sliced strips of beef. Set aside. Increase heat, brown carrot strips, celery, bamboo shoots (optional). Reset to medium. Add fresh spinach. Cover wait 3-4 minutes for spinach to cook. Serve with rice. Soy sauce.
Recently there was some left over steak strips and some bell peppers. The other night I made a sukiyaki-like dish as above, but no bamboo shoots using a conventional skillet over a gas stove. Pretty tasty. Should have used the whole bag of spinach though.
Vegetables stir fried in a cast iron skillet
Since the steak was already grilled, it just needed to be heated after the vegetables were cooked.
The grilled steak is added to the cooked vegetables.
Meat and vegetables set aside, spinach added to hot pan
Spinach in the hot pan
A cover over the skillet while the spinach steams
Cover the spinach while it cooks.
Meat, vegetables, spinach stirred in cast iron skillet.
When the spinach is done, add the meat and vegtables back.

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