Windows 7

My long-time friend Bob sent me news to help understand Windrows 7. Hay-Hay-Hay.
Fortunately I only have to use Window at work. The company I work for can afford to pay lots of smart people to protect me from folks who would do bad things to my computer. At home, I use Ubuntu, a Linux based system. Much less worry about invasive software problems.

Windows 7 Available

I have heard that Windows 7 became generally available today.  As I have said elsewhere, no version of Windows is safe to use on the average home computer.  Be warned. 
I have also heard that it is difficult (impossible) to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7.  Fortunately, I do not have to worry about that. My machine came with Windows 2000 Professional and is too small to run XP, Vista, or 7.  I have developed a tool that I call the Windows Upgrade Advisor.  It works with any version of Windows, even 3.1!  I hope that you find this tool useful.
I heard something on the radio this morning that went something like this:
“Last night I set my bed to Microsoft Sleepnumber 7. Now it’s full of bugs and has no support.”

Bee Bus

I saw a new-ish school bus the other day.  In South Carolina, the state taxpayers buy and maintain the buses for the local school districts.  The new buses are flush-front (like a city bus), yellow with black letters and accent stripes. And it has strobes and LED lights to make sure you stop when lights are flashing.

The part I like best are the mirrors.  Instead of the long flat rear-view mirrors on a tube frame, the mirrors are mounted in a black molded plastic  extention that drops down at the end to hold the long mirror and round convex wide-angle mirror.  The whole thing has an appearance like bee antennae. The buses are like big yellow and black, wingless  bees.

Nightmare Exam

I dreamt that I had an exam in English 101.  These were the questions on the exam:

1. Compare and contrast the poetry forms Limerick and Haiku.

2. What factor is used to convert Iambic Pentameter to customary units? SI?

3. Do the recent changes in attitude of what makes a married couple allow rhymed couplets to be formed from pairs of words that are not homonyms? Discuss.

4. Postulate that either the Epic Poem or the Advertising Jingle is superior.  Provide a formal proof.

5.  Outline a marketing plan for Beowulf Channel, All Beowulf, all the time.

4 Cute

Kittens are too cute. These kittens are 4 cute. Two boys and two girls. Mama was torn up by some animal. Found by a greenskeeper and brought to shelter.

Four Kittens
Four Kittens

United Breaks Guitars

And has unfriendly service besides. I heard the song behind this video on All Things Considered. An e-mail newsletter from Flight Aware jogged my memory so here is the video.

The last time I flew United Airlines, I was flying to a job interview with them. I did not know whether I was being treated liked dirt because something on my ticket let them know I was flying to headquarters or I was just another passenger to be treated like all the others. Still, I would rather fly United than Delta or American.