Tweet Suit

Things published on the web can be considered libel.  If untrue statements are published, the author could be subject to damages. Tweets may be considered published statements. Check your privacy settings, verify your facts. If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. Some folks have no sense of humor.

4 Cute

Kittens are too cute. These kittens are 4 cute. Two boys and two girls. Mama was torn up by some animal. Found by a greenskeeper and brought to shelter.

Four Kittens
Four Kittens


From various sources that I have seen, there was no coup in Honduras, rather an orderly execution of legal proceedings to enforce existing law. Honduras, having put up with dictators who cannot let go (Samoza family), put a clause in its Constitution that presidents serve 1 term. If the president tries to change the law, he is out. It is in the constitution. Former president Manuel Zelaya tried to have a referendum to change the law. When the referendum was was ruled unconstitutional, he was going to hold the vote anyway as a “non-binding” referendum. The Honduran Supreme Court ruled that the former president was trying to change the law and was therefore to be removed from office. He was removed. Previously scheduled presidential elections to follow.

The Obama administration seems kind of thick here. They lifted the visa of the Honduran Supreme Court Justice that signed the removal warrant along with the visas of a couple of others. President Obama may be on the wrong side of of the rule of law. Perhaps the President is getting bad advice from a poor lawyer on his staff. Perhaps that someone needs to be in private practice instead of messing up the hemisphere.

Adjectives and actions

“Stupid” is the right word, even as used by the President to describe the Cambridge incident.  The President is also correct in saying he should have been more calibrated.  Perhaps the accurate calibration would have  avoided public comment.  There is way too much heat in this issue and plenty of stupid all around.

Sgt. Crowley should get some additional training defusing tense situations.

Sgt. Crowley’s Captain should make sure that he (and others on his team) get that training.

Cambridge City Council should make sure that the the appropriate funding and budget are available.

Mr. Gates should get some rest after a long trip.  He should also  work on being patient with those who have difficult jobs.

Hopefully Mr. President, Mr. Gates, and Sgt. Crowley will be able to enjoy a beer in the White House and have a great time at taxpayer expense. (President’s discretionary budget).

Full disclosure: I am related to some Crowley’s and no Gates or Presidents that I know of.

Cap and Tax

If you like taxes, you are in pig heaven. Pelosi’s and Waxman’s Cap and Tax Bill pig has flown. Of course it will do nothing to reduce carbon use, which has little to do with global warming. But it does promote the liberal agenda. Tax the poor to support the politicians. That’s what the Democrats have always done. Check the facts and do the math. (That is modern talk for “The proof is left as an exercise for the reader”.) Better, starting this fall and leading up to November 2010, ask the hard questions. You will not be any cooler and you will be somewhat poorer. Make the culprits squirm.


I had resolved that I would not buy any CD’s while the RIAA continues to persecute. An exception is Judith Owen. I liked it so much I bought a copy of Lost and Found for each of my children and one for myself. Courgette Records does not seem to be a member of the RIAA. Instead they distribute through the Alternative Distribution Alliance (ADA). ADA is 95% owned by Warner Group which is a member and one of the vicious perps of RIAA extortion scheme.


I learned tonight that Farrah Fawcett has passed away. She was not much older than me. And Michael Jackson. He was always Michael. But Farrah Fawcett was special.

7 Demons

You may have gathered that I am not a big fan of the current governor. His recent confessions have done less than nothing to boost his esteem. But to call for Sandford’s resignation and elevate Andre Bauer, who cannot drive the speed limit, fly or land an aircraft, and perhaps could assemble a truthful sentence as governor of South Carolina is really a reach. SC Democrats, get real. SC Republicans you are clueless.
I am reminded of Jesus’s parable of casting out the demon only to have 7 demons take the place. Keep this in mind as you make your choices.

More Non-News

Well the Governor got back from his trystip. One of these days, the Republicans will learn that if you take the moral high-ground, you have got to live the moral high-ground. Democrats can lie, steal, cheat, pillage, and plunder and get away with it. If Republicans want to protest, they have got to be better than perfect. Some party discipline please. And maybe some training is in order. Carter and Clinton got to be President. Maybe some defectiveing Democrats can provide some lessons in Lie, Steal, Cheat, Pillage and Plunder 101.

In other non-news, Andre Bauer.


Governor Sanford was away for a while. I guess that I would not have noticed if it had not been for the tizzy that everyone seems to be in. He was in Argentina or on the Appalachian trail. Sounds like a game of “Telephone” may be responsible for the accurate information. If Assistant Governor Andre Bauer wandered away I doubt that anyone would notice. Unless he was trying to fly an airplane with the brakes on. Or land with the wheels up.